About Us

About Boolean

Boolean is a privately held company based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Dubai, UAE. We are stockist and suppliers of hardware and engineering products, ranging from both Commercial and Consumer ends, from the world's most recognized brand names. By providing extensive market information, competitive prices, world-class service, and most efficient logistic solutions to meet customers' needs, Boolean has become synonymous with market leadership. We provide a full suite of end-to-end services and solutions to a global clientele base.
With our experience of over 11 years we will help you find the right product for the right job. At Boolean, we put your organization first. We learn about your business, we focus on your challenges, and we plan to support your goals.
Boolean's dedication to quality & service has earned the name as a trusted partner among its customer’s covering all sectors such as construction, Petrochemical, Power and water utilities companies, support industries, IT Industries and secondary industries.
Boolean’s vision is to be the “best choice for its customers” which is fulfilled by offering the best services in all sectors with retention as its utmost priority. Our mission Operate outside the mainstream and challenge the traditional way of doing things, by providing the best solutions and ensuring a successful outcome to our customers, suppliers and employees.

Meet The Deal

The first step is to discover more about you, your company's vision, and to build a strong relationship. This is where we will create your brand, create a custom strategy, and set project goals.

Project Planning

The key to a successful project is in the planning. Creating a project plan is the first thing you should do when undertaking any kind of project. Often project planning is ignored in favour of getting on with the work.


Gathering requirements for your project does not involve making a long list of what everybody wants. Project managers often use that technique because it makes the users and stakeholders happy… in the beginning


Documentation for medium-risk projects should be more detailed than for low-risk projects and the level of detail should be commensurate with the complexity of the project in any case.

What We Provide

Sourcing and Supplying of an extensive range of Products and Services, primarily related to Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Healthcare Products & Medical Equipment’s, Safety & Building Materials, PVC Materials, Gratings, Pumps, and Meshes and all kinds of Industrial Supplies etc.

  • Safety Materials
    • Coverall & Helmets Safety Shoes &
    • Goggles Fire Extinguishers
    • Emergency Lighting System Fire
    • Pumps & Controllers Fire Hydrants
    • Hoses & Accessories
  • Core Activities
    • Industrial Trading And Contracting
    • De-watering Hoses
    • Electrical Materials
    • IT hardware / Software’s
    • Building materials
    • Tools & Consumables
    • Stationary & Pantry materials
    • Medical Instruments and Equipment’s
  • IT Products
    • Hardware & Software
    • Licenses Infrastructure
    • Networking Security & Access Control Systems
    • IT & Security Consultancy Services
    • Partnered Solutions
    • IP PBX/ Call Center